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Contact Person:

Neill Morgan, Secretary

Club Managers' Association of Hong Kong
c/o The Jewish Community Centre


70 Robinson Road, One Robinson Place, Mid-levels, Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 2589 2601
Fax: (852) 2559 0659

Who We Are

Welcome to the Club Managers’ Association of Hong Kong's website.

Our Association’s mission statement is:

"To provide a relevant structure of support for participating Club Managers in Hong Kong".

Our association meets on a regular basis to network, learn about new industry practices and initiatives, exchange ideas and socialise. Frequently relevant speakers are invited to share their expertise with us, in a relaxed and informal environment. The Association consists of managed clubs that are diversified and include city, country, golf, marina, recreation and residential operations. Web based and retired Club Managers who are interested to continue their association are welcome to do so, as are those persons not employed as Club Managers who, for a variety of reasons, have a genuine interest in affiliating with the CMA of Hong Kong.

We are big business, as exemplified by the following statistics:

  • Gross revenue exceeds HK$2 billion dollars per year
  • F&B Revenue exceeds HK$1 billion per year
  • Over 5,000 full and part time staff are employed
  • Over 66,000 people are members

If you wish to know more or become a Member, please contact us through the Secretary – we look forward to hearing from you.

Past and Present Chairmen

Joe Oxley 91-93 Howard Palmes 96-97 Paul Grainger 00-01 Philippe de Manny 06-07
Richard Ross 93-94 Rob Henderson 97-98 Michael Tao 01-02 Robert Blythe 07- 2010
Fritz Sommerau 94-95 Douglas Holtz 98-99 Mark Pawley 02-04 Ray Parry 2010 - 2011
Sandy Macalister 95-96 Brian Toft 99-00 David Brightling 04-06

Charles Barker 2011-14

Mark Bovaird 2014-2016 Mark Gailey 2016- . .
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