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Contact Person:

Neill Morgan, Secretary

Club Managers' Association of Hong Kong
c/o The Jewish Community Centre


70 Robinson Road, One Robinson Place, Mid-levels, Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 2589 2601
Fax: (852) 2559 0659

Categories of Membership

Associate Members
Successful applicants for Full Membership will initially become Associate Members for a period of twelve months. During this period, if they attend at least three meetings held, they will automatically become Full Members.

Associate Members may not vote, propose or second applicants for membership or serve as an Officer of the Association, but may serve on Sub-committees.

They will either be new Club General Managers seeking Full Membership status or a senior executive within a Club proposed by the General Manager.

Full Members
Those members who have qualified for full membership and who have served the requisite time as an Associate Member.

Full Members may convene meetings, vote, propose, and second applicants for membership and serve as an Officer of the Association.

A Full Member who, by dint of their employment, fails to maintain their qualification but remains resident in Hong Kong, Macau or China, may remain as a Full Member for a period of one year and thereafter revert to Affiliate Member status.

Affiliate Members
Persons not employed as Club Managers who, for a variety of reasons, have a genuine interest in affiliating with CMA Hong Kong. This may not be used as an opportunity for any commercial activity. Rather it is to encourage the propagation of good fellowship and the extension of networking opportunities and, in the view of the Association, may contribute to its development and success.

Affiliate Members may not vote, propose or second applicants for membership or serve as Officers of the Association, but may serve on sub-committees.

Honorary Members
Those members of the Association or of the Club Industry at large who have served with dedication and zeal for an extended period of time, may be granted Honorary membership by the current Executive Committee.

In all cases, the Executive Committee is empowered to assess each application on its own merit and may refuse admission if thought fit.

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